3rd Party Patching Down?

This is my first time noticing anything wrong with patching. I have a system that I onboarded at 12:01 today. It is now 17:01 and my 3P Patch policy has not run.

I just checked that it is in the right policy folder and the right policy is applied. Still nothing. Is there a way to force it?

No way to force, but you can script Choco.

Did you reboot after you installed the agent? Open Background Tools and try choco /? and see if it comes back, if it says it’s not recognized, it needs a reboot.

Choco came back fine. Not sure if it matters but I have Choco Update as one of my onboarding scripts.

This normally works fine. I am used to onboarding a system, and while I am working away, Chrome and Adobe appear like magic.

Maybe a temporary glitch. I’ll check again tomorrow and if it hasn’t run, I will move the device out of its folder, wait 10 and move it back in.

I find it strange that if you install Choco outside of Syncro, you can use choco commands right away, but if it is installed through Syncro, it requires a reboot. I think that limits the automation of onboarding. I have my policy run at 10 to avoid it trying to update when the computer is in use, so I’ll have to wait to see what happens later.

Almost 24 hours later and still no 3rd party policy applied. I tried removing it from the policy folder and putting it back in last night and still noting this morning.

This is a little concerning. I am afraid that maybe 3PP is not working at all.

Where are the controls for 3PP? Reports? Ability to push the policy manually and check the logs?