Any plan to add support for an uninstall password

Just wondering if anyone knows if they plan to offer support for an uninstall password?

Why do users have admin privs?

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are you talking about something different than this?

They do on BYOD and a few clients have surfaces where they allow them to have local admin rights.
Also should an exploit allow access to admin rights then it just makes it harder for them to uninstall the AV to do things like ransomware

Jordan - That is for the syncro agent which we do use a code but does not impact AV client

lol I really wish software vendors who require admin privs to do basic stuff could be blacklisted but its not always an option.

Oh I don’t know what AV you’re using but most AV platforms allow setting an uninstall password. For Bitdefender you have to do edit that in the Gravityzone portal. Syncro would have a long way to go before you won’t need to manage your AV from its own portal.

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Psst: look under the post title and you should see the #managed-anti-virus:emsisoft category labels which ought to indicate which Syncro managed AV @joe5 is using.

Your tip on using the Gravity Zone portal is on point for those using Syncro’s Bitdefender option.

Never having used Emsisoft, I unfortunately have no answer to the original question.

Hey Joe! It would be a feature request at the moment- though I am not sure how much control we have over it as we only integrate with these softwares. I was browsing this thread on Emsisoft, it looks like there may be some Emsi settings you can try but they may be lacking further uninstall prevention. The thread is a little old though so you may need to look through their documentation.

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