Writing Off Bad Debt

I require help with two issues, and I’ll set another topic with more details however, they both work together.

  1. We have a client that defaulted on their account, leaving us with a pile of open invoices. This debt will be written off however, we need to keep the records intact when we migrate the data to QB accounting.
    Q. Can we choose ALL invoices in that specific account, and set them to “uncollectable” or “Account Closed”, or a status that keeps records intact while taking the account off the books?
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Hi @aferro,

Did you ever get an answer to this? Would be interested to know if you discovered a way to do this.


We have a payment method called ‘bad debt’ that we use, and when our bookkeeper sees that see does the necessary bits in QBO to compensate for it correctly. That way if the customer ever comes back to pay we can simply just delete the payment in syncro and take actual payment.

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