Windows Feature Updates

How do I go about providing automatic feature updates for Windows? I’ve just read that Syncro does not do that with the default Windows update policy. The one thing I hate about Syncro is that you have to script so many basic functions instead of having a checkbox to do it automatically. I sorely miss that ease of use from my NinjaRMM days. That said, I can’t be the only person who experiences this issue, so what do y’all do? Please use details. Telling me to just write a script or to just pull that script from the library is not so helpful. Start to finish, what needs to happen. Thanks.

I agree it’s ridiculous that they push essential functionality like this off on users. This is what I wrote. Make sure to read the notes on how it works and adjust the settings as desired. You can run it manually or on a regular schedule from a policy, up to you and how aggressive you want to be.

@isaacg, thank you for the fantastic script which covers error conditions, logging and multiple ways of installing Feature Updates for both Windows 10 and 11. Very professional and well commented. In fact, that’s the type of script that Syncro should make as a part of their default Windows Update Policy with a checkbox that initiates it. I know they say that no other RMM does this, but as I recall it was a checkbox in NinjaRMM. So, respectfully Syncro staff, it CAN be done if you WANT to do it. You just need to WANT to add the functionality instead of requiring all your MSPs come up with a solution on their own with scripting that they have to locate or create. Syncro, again respectfully, you are here to make life easier for us, not harder. This is an example of how you are failing.

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They’ll tell you that their rmm is one of the best. Don’t let them fool you. You’ll start to find you have to bend to the tool. In reality, the tool should bend to you, adjusting to how you work. We ignore this and deal with things like this for years, hoping it will get better.

On the bright side, there are other tools that work much better, allowing you to work how you want.

SuperOps is one of those tools, and they push Feature Updates just fine.

Check out this script in the community Syncro Library - DRI - Feature Update 22H2 (win10 only) Have a different one for w11 if needed.

@wtucker thanks for the direction.