Blocking Feature upgrade

Question, with Syncro MSP not doing Feature upgrade by default exemple Windows 11 22H2 to 22H3 without a script

Is there any reason to have a regedit that will block feature upgrades? Or it’s still used to prevent a user to manually use windows update to upgrade exemple 22h2 to 22h3

Yes manually or being coerced by Microsoft into upgrading to Windows 11. Not that registry blocks are a guarantee either with MS’s anti-consumer choice attitude.
I don’t really have an issue with Windows 10 to 11 upgrade now that it’s been out a while and has had minimal issues, UI issues have improved, etc. In general I’ve not seen a need to block feature upgrades either, it just depends on your environment and policies.

I would recommend grabbing a feature update script from the Syncro shared script library. You can then push a script out to force the feature update to 1 or many computers. Syncro will not update win feature updates on it’s own and I believe this is because of Microsoft requiring the ‘agreement’ to do the update that is agreed to when you manually click ‘download and install’ update. It took us a while to figure this out as it is not clear when the policies I think use the term feature or rollup updates…which don’t acutally do the version feature updates.