Windows 11 Enablement Script

Trying to find a link to download the Enablement Script to Windows 11 22H2 and 22H3

For windows 10 i have

I’m trying to prevent having to iso upgrade Windows 11 21H2 to 23H2


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I saw in your script the download link for the Enablement for Windows 11 23H2

Do you have the direct link for

Enablement Windows 10 21h2 and Windows 11 22H2?






You can’t do an enablement upgrade from 10 to 11 nor from 1121H2 to 1123H2. The enablement for 10 is in there also if that’s what you meant. The script doesn’t do upgrades from 10 to 11 (yet) but you could grab the Update Assistant code out of it and set the Win11 UA URL and it should work. Or use the ISO script. Upgrade Windows 11 with ISO -
Keep in mind lots of machines are not Windows 11 compatible due to TPS 2.0 and CPU requirements Microsoft has artificially put in place. There are workaround for this but only via the ISO method and from my testing they will not upgrade builds automatically either as Windows Update will detect they’re not compatible, so you’ll have to do ISO upgrades every year with the new build.
BTW the certification logos are kind of obnoxious, could you consolidate them into one line at least if not remove them?

I would grab a script for the shared script library to force the feature update. You should be able to modify this script from the script library.
Shared Scripts | Data Resolutions, Inc (