User Creation Forms

How are other people doing these?

Context: Looking for an easy way for users to submit new user creations forums for Office365 Users and removals along with the other basic ones like a user has left.

My requirements: This is a side project, so I have to do it for free, and without another company’s branding in your face; it needs to be secure, so using an office login or on the PC itself

I have looked into doing it on Syncro, but ultimately, they would need a Syncro login, and users struggle to remember their office password, let alone another one. The following route I went down was a solution like Jotfourms, but there is no way to secure that, and the free version has that annoying branding. MS forms are another one that can be secure but only for a single tenant, which would not work.

The following route is PowerShell forms seem great in theory, but getting it to look nice is doable with posh, but sending it is the more difficult part. I assume through the API, but NGL has no idea what I would be doing there.

I understand that the login requirement is a bit silly given the limited information that would be captured, but that’s something I have to do, apparently…

So anyone got a good way of doing it, preferably on a device, so I don’t have to go around loads of tenants creating a secure app?

Side note; I’ve said it before in other posts but I really wish Syncro contact forms would allow custom fields would be all that I need.

Is there any reason that a Microsoft Form in your own tenant won’t be secure enough?