Update on Priorities for Q4

Hey folks - We recently posted about our Priorities for Q4, and we’ve been hard at work making good progress on the things that matter most to you. As a reminder, here’s what we said we were working on:

  1. Increasing trust in the platform; including reliability, scalability, and flexibility
  2. Top-requested PSA features; such as ticketing communications, profitability reports, invoicing updates, and other quality-of-life enhancements

I want to make sure we are giving regular updates on the work, so here are more details about everything in flight:

  • Recurring Invoices Not Generating - RESOLVED AND MONITORING
    • We’ve been tracking each recurring invoice failure for over a month. We found trends and applied a fix to address cases of failed invoice generation when a particular line item type was used. Due to our efforts, we have not seen any invoices fail to run since October 1st!! We are continuing to monitor.
  • Recurring Scripts Not Running - INVESTIGATING
    • There are two components to scheduled scripts: (1) Scheduling a script to run, and (2) the script running as scheduled. We have determined that the issue is in (1), meaning that scheduled scripts sometimes do not get put in the script queue - and therefore don’t get run. We’ve implemented an improved level of monitoring to aid us in identifying problem areas with scheduling scripts to run. We have already discovered a bug that we’re prioritizing a fix for. We have a dedicated engineering team finding and fixing these issues. You will hear regular updates from us on this.
  • Tech and Customer Efficiency Reports - SHIPPED
    • As of this morning, we’re offering two new reports— Ticket Efficiency By Customer and Ticket Efficiency By Technician— for tracking consumed time both by Customer as well as by technician based on the average duration of any given ticket remaining in a “workable status”. These reports are specifically designed to expose both strengths and weaknesses in your business’s efficiency and profitability. You can learn more about this feature here.
  • Rich Text in Tickets - In DEV
    • As you know, we rolled back Rich Text to add additional security layers to the feature. After an additional security review, we feel good about where it’s at, and it is now in full end-to-end testing internally. Assuming everything checks out, we will be entering Early Access in the next couple of weeks with a full release to follow thereafter.
  • Stripe ACH - IN DEV
    • This feature has been built and is currently being tested. Will have more to share once testing is complete.
  • MacOS Ventura - SHIPPED
    • We’ve deployed an update to our Mac agent to ensure no loss of functionality as macOS Ventura becomes available for wide release.
  • Acronis - SHIPPED
    • We recently announced a partnership with Acronis and hosted a webinar to chat about it. You can learn more here.
  • Enhanced VAT - IN DEV
    • We have started the work to bring an updated Tax Model to our partners in Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. More information to come on the timing for this work. We’re targeting a Q4 launch for these.
    • Our new design folks have been evaluating the UI/UX of the Product and identifying areas for improvement by talking to users. We’re beginning projects like updating the navigation, standardizing design elements in the Product, creating a new and more functional dashboard page, and more. It may take a bit before you start to see the results of the work, but we think it’s important that you know it’s been kicked off.
  • Open Office Hours Replacement - LIVE
    • We’ve launched a new webinar series in the spirit of “Open Office Hours”! It’s called “Ask Us Anything”, and you can learn more about it here.

As always, let me know if you have any questions!

Ian Alexander

Co-Founder & Channel Chief


Thank you for the update. Looking forward to the UI updates myself!

Just throwing it in there:) Would love the ability to edit past comments if we can:)

Other wise looking good:) keep up all the hard work! Don’t forget you also have people here that would also love to help out if we can on anything !

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Great to hear about Ventura. Don’t forget to update Supported macOS versions I the documentation.

We had a significant number of invoices fail to sync on October 1st, so unless you’re saying you’ve not had any since then (not including the 1st itself) then this isn’t accurate? Tickets have been raised for them.

He said generation, not sync, so would be a different issue (still sucks).

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Stripe ACH integration is very important from day 1

Looking forward to these updates, thank you Syncro.

An ETA for Stripe ACH?

Are there any updates to the recurring script issue? @ian.alexander

any update on this long awaited change?

Ireland VAT? Australia and NZ released but not Ireland.