Syncro’s Priorities for Q4

When you say Stripe ACH support, I hope that includes the ability to use Stripe Direct Debit in Australia. ACH is a US product/process in Stripe’s back end, it’s called BECS here.

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There are still features that are broken. Syncro has just raised the prices (again) on the platform, and we have basic features that do not work. If Syncro is already installed on a machine and we try to upgrade the machine to include Webroot, then Webroot never installs and it has to be done manually. The whole point of this platform is supposed to be reducing our workload in managing the RMM devices. Please don’t say that previous security software is blocking the installation because I’m seeing this on clean installs when the end user decides to upgrade to Webroot within a few days.

What do you mean when you say “upgrade the machine to include Webroot?” You mean you have Webroot integrated with Syncro, and you enable it on the policy, and then it never installs?

If what I said here is accurate ^, then I’d definitely reach out to support if you haven’t already. We have not seen this behavior frequently reported by any means, and it’s typically not going to be related to another security product being installed since Webroot is designed to install side by side with just about anything.

We have a ton of MSPs deploying Webroot and this is definitely not a pervasive issue, so I’d definitely like to have support take a look at your account specifically.

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If its the one base in the forum already… its a pretty common issue that has been around for a while that has been reported on a few times already.

What happened to the priorities for Q3?

In Q3 we completed the first major milestone of our Heroku to AWS migration. We also released a bunch of smaller QOL feature improvements:

  • Report Builder List Blocks now support 100, 250, and 500 records
  • Added ability to add time on behalf of another technician
  • Added customer names to ticket comments
  • Added ability to subscribe another technician to tickets
  • We added the ability to filter Saved Customer Searches by number of assets
  • We added the ability to set a default per-technician labor product

And of course we fixed a slew of user-reported issues which we post here in the Community Forums each month:

This is on top of everything else we’ve been hard at work on for Q4 which Ian spoke to above. Two of those items are rounding the corner, Technician and Customer Efficiency Reports, and HTML Ticket Communications.

We’ve been quite busy over here :).


@ian.alexander Venture is out today. Is macOS Ventura supported?


Update has been posted here, but short answer is yes.

When it comes to increasing trust Syncro needs a central audit of what it did, and what was done in the platform.

Or at least a byo external log target. When I run a script against 1000 assets to monitor something the only way to know what happened is to go to each asset, and look at the script history tab. This would take so long that on device where I’m monitoring stuff hourly I’d risk the script history paging out before I could get to those assets to look at what happened.


Make a feature request if there isnt one. I would back you up on having another log/view on all, selected devices, or a master log on all scripts to look through.


In the event that a replacement of the current system was determined to be necessary, what would the timeframe be?

I have a question about the HTML implementation. How does that work with the screenshots that are sent via the agent? I just noticed that a customer submitted a ticket with the screenshot and there’s no reference in the communication section, good thing I responded without noticing it first :wink:

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We have seen long term issues with ticket attachments not showing up in the tickets. We had a Syncro support ticket in for over a year. We just received an update that this has been solved but I am skeptical. We have seen the issue this week. We have an inbound O365 shared mailbox that is used for our inbound tickets. All our tech team has access, and they know to go to that mailbox to find the original email to see the attachments and a properly formatted email. This does not work for tickets submitted with the system tray app.

This post was regarding our priorities for Q4. It sounds like you have an issues that engineering believes was resolved but you appear to still be having issues with it. If this is still the case, please open another support ticket.

@Andy any update on the Stripe ACH feature release? :slight_smile:

Getting closer. We may have an update at today’s Ask Us Anything session. You can join that if you are interested here:

I missed this! Was there anything about Stripe in here?

Yeah, it’s on production for internal testing. Testing going well thus far. No final ETA, though.

This is good news! Thanks Andy.

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