Syncro Intune Integration?

Just asked Chat GPT to write a script to enroll a device in Intune using Syncro, and it said this:

Syncro is a third-party remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform, and it can be used to automate the enrollment of devices into Microsoft Intune. Here are the general steps you can follow to enroll a device using Syncro:

  1. Set up a Microsoft Intune environment, if you haven’t already done so.
  2. Create an Intune Connector in Syncro by going to Syncro’s “Integrations” menu and selecting “Microsoft Intune”. Follow the prompts to enter your Intune credentials and authorize the integration.
  3. Create an automation in Syncro that uses the “Intune Device Management” action. This action can be used to add a new device to Intune and assign it to a specific user. You will need to enter the device name and user email address as variables in the automation.
  4. Configure the automation to trigger whenever a new device is discovered in Syncro. You can do this by going to the “Automations” menu in Syncro, creating a new automation, and selecting the appropriate trigger for the automation.
  5. Test the automation by adding a new device to Syncro and verifying that it gets enrolled in Intune.

Keep in mind that the exact steps to set up this process may vary depending on your specific Syncro and Intune configurations. It’s always a good idea to test the process thoroughly before deploying it to production.

I looked in Integrations and did not see anything. ChatGPT is either smarter than I thought, or not that smart after all. Does anyone know a way to script the enrollment of devices into Intune using Syncro?

Did this recently, based on below link

Was straightforward. If you have issues let me know and I can send the exact config we did.

It looks like that is for deploying apps once your machines are in Intune

I was trying to script the actuall Intune Enrollment.

And moreso puzzled that ChatGPT seems to think there is an integration for that in Syncro

ChatGPT is actually wrong quite a bit lol. A lot of what it says it assumes things. Syncro has no such integration that I’ve ever heard of.

We use Intune to deploy Syncro once the device is attached to the MDR service. Intune requires at minimum a AAD P1 and Intune license, but M365 Premium satisfies this requirement. There may be a way to script an existing Syncro device to join, but I cannot think of one because it would require either login credentials or some API access to Intune. Any account in Microsoft should have MFA enable making using login credentials useless.

I would recommend using Windows Autopilot to setup the device when the user logs in with their Microsoft credentials. This gives the user the most seamless experience with services.

This is just how we do it and works good, but there are many ways to do it. Finding the fasted and easiest for your team and stack is the most important thing.