Splashtop uninstalling on Multiple Assets

Thank you. Andy has also confirmed you are working on it.

I recently experienced this on a few devices about a month back. I feel it may (at least when it happened to me) have something to do with upgrading to Splashtop 3.5.

Happening to me as well, but I do have the Splashtop Business plan in addition to the Splashtop that Syncro provides. I was able to access a computer with the Syncro Splashtop but not my paid for version.

Likewise we have the Business plan and they are the assets affected.

We have a development case going for this, go ahead and email us at help@syncromsp.com with a link to one of your affected assets and we’ll get you linked in for updates on the issue.

I’ve got a ticket open. I have my own (BYO) Splashtop SOS+ account (and did before Syncro added Splashtop as a freebee so to speak). What’s extremely alarming to me is that if I go to the asset and open the Splashtop control panel and look at the deployment code and the code there is not my code. If I put my code in there then the assets show back up. Thankfully the codes that appear there so far in the assets that have gone astray appear to be invalid codes (not linked to any valid Splashtop account) but it is super alarming to me. This has me extremely concerned from a security standpoint and I’m debating moving away from Syncro.

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Hi Jason! Andy just sent a reply on your ticket, if you want to check it out we may be able to roll the ball further on this one.

If I could only find out how to get there. There is nothing in my profile or account that links me to it. You guys really need to get things finished before you roll stuff out. Really disappointed in the way things have gone the last 18-24 months.

Hey everyone, I wanted to provide an update for the users being affected by this. Our developers believe they have isolated the issue and and are working on a fix. We’ll update folks when that fix is brought live, but I don’t have an ETA for that at this time. We are treating this as a very high priority.

Oh! It should come into your email, the same one you use with this community. I’d make sure it didn’t come into another folder/junk.

The issue is easy to reproduce…

Update your asset to 21H2 through windows updates or manually apply the patch to your endpoint. You will then lose your deployment relationship with Syncro and the ability to connect with Splashtop Business.

Ive proven it not random at all on our end. Its directly related to updating an endpoint to Windows Version 21H2.

This is still occurring.

@ethan states this is directly related to the Windows 21H2 update, but I’ve experienced it on a Windows Server 2016 machine (as well as on other Windows 10 workstations). I’ve had my own Splashtop on that server for years, just installed Syncro the other day and within an hour it removed my Splashtop, but the Splashtop RMM does still work through Syncro.

This case is still active. The development team is working towards a resolution, it is marked as a high-priority issue.

Hey everyone, I have a quick update for you on this. We apologize for the delay, this turned out to be a tricky issue. We just finished pushing an agent update that should resolve this. Once your agent has updated it may need to fully sync one more time and then any assets that erroneously had an instance of BYO Splashtop erroneously uninstalled should be reinstalled.

If anyone is seeing different behavior after their agents have updated and fully synced again, please let me know. Thanks.

I literally just had an asset disappear (4:02pm Pacific). It’s gone an hasn’t re-appeared.

Had the agent already updated to the newest version and completed its full sync?

Andy, I suspect that the workstation hasn’t completed a reboot or the agent hasn’t been reinstalled completely yet. It’s like it is in a partial state. I had 16 assets re-appear in Splashtop over the past few days in the Default Group. Because this has happened so many times over the past 18 months I almost wish that there was no integration with Splashtop and that Syncro didn’t have a paired Splashtop Enterprise setup for non BYO customers (like myself) - that way I could install Syncro and Splashtop independently and have no ties between them to create this sort of mess. It’s really the last thing I need to be dealing with.

Ok, so far any reports we have after the fix were related to Syncro Agents that had not yet updated. Once it updated to the newest version (152) this behavior should have ended, and any assets that hadn’t reinstalled should be reinstalled using the deployment code you have entered in the Splashtop app card.