Scripted install of Office 2016 Pro Plus (Not 365)

Does anyone know if it is possible to script the installation of Office 2016 Pro Plus from VLSC? I have tried all the choco scripts I can find and they all install 365 (one even says Pro Plus but it;s still 365) and the volume key I have will not work in those.

The computers will not always be on prem so an Officedeploy setup will not work. I can download the software from the VLSC site in ISO format, but is it possible to script the unpacking and installing of the software?

Microsoft makes this one somewhat complicated. You can use the Office Deployment Tool and setup an XML file with the right configuration. They have a tool called OCT that helps with setting up the file. I did this once, took a lot of trial and error and I did it outside of Syncro so I don’t have a script to share.

Yeah I did that once too, but that was for an O365 setup for a client so the software installed was the one that allows you to login with an O365 account. Plus that was on a bunch of desktops with an on prem server. This will be for remote setup where the users unbox the laptops at their home.

I don’t know why MS just doesn’t keep it simple and let you either login with a 365 account, or a Product Key on whatever version you install.

If you go the iso route, maybe this can help get you closer. Silent Install from an ISO -

Interesting thanks. I am thinking that with some combination of the Syncro “Download file from a URL” feature and some scripting to mount or extract the file, I should be able to figure something out.

Here is what I use for VLM 2019. Extract your own copy of setup.exe from the deployment toolkit and set the PIDKEY.

New-Item -ItemType directory -Path "C:\OfficeSetup" -Force | Out-Null
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -OutFile C:\OfficeSetup\setup.exe
Set-Location -Path "C:\OfficeSetup" | Out-Null
New-Item -ItemType file -Path .\configuration64.xml -Force | Out-Null
Add-Content -Path .\configuration64.xml -Value '<Configuration>'
Add-Content -Path .\configuration64.xml -Value '  <Info Description="Office Standard 2019 (64-bit)" />'
Add-Content -Path .\configuration64.xml -Value '  <Add OfficeClientEdition="64" Channel="PerpetualVL2019" SourcePath="C:\OfficeSetup">'
Add-Content -Path .\configuration64.xml -Value '    <Product ID="Standard2019Volume" PIDKEY="XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX">'
Add-Content -Path .\configuration64.xml -Value '      <Language ID="en-us" />'
Add-Content -Path .\configuration64.xml -Value '    </Product>'
Add-Content -Path .\configuration64.xml -Value '  </Add>'
Add-Content -Path .\configuration64.xml -Value '  <RemoveMSI />'
Add-Content -Path .\configuration64.xml -Value '  <Display Level="Full" AcceptEULA="TRUE" />'
Add-Content -Path .\configuration64.xml -Value '</Configuration>'
$hash = Get-FileHash .\setup.exe
$signerhash = Get-AuthenticodeSignature .\setup.exe
if ($hash.Hash -eq "4F5C5CBCBF63115D0FA4F79988F80B9753B1C43D5A2B2C1DD1A6597EA9038E6E" -And $signerhash.Status -eq "Valid")
    echo "Downloading Office"
    .\setup.exe /download C:\OfficeSetup\configuration64.xml
    echo "Installing"
    .\setup.exe /configure C:\OfficeSetup\configuration64.xml