Run a script on a device based off a ticket subject

I would like my users be able to send a ticket in with a subject “Restart …” After this ticket is received, I would like an autoremediation to fire off a script

I don’t think that’s currently possible. You can set specific scripts to be available for users to run from their Portal though.

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I came up with a crude workaround for this. You can raise an alert against the asset and have this run an auto remediation.

To generate an alert I created a PS script placed on the desktop,

You could also create a Powershell script and run it on an app server (if you have one) every few minutes and call the API, looking for tickets with a given subject then do whatever you want after that, ie. trigger an alert (which triggers automated remediation script), trigger email, etc…

You could add that to the tray as a cmd so the user just needs to click that option to restart the pc.