Purpose of Other category

I am curious on the purpose of this Other category?
Quite a lot of feature requests have been moved here.
I’ve tried sending a private message to a Syncro person, but there was no response.

Is the plan that the FRs that have been moved into this Other category are going to be implemented in the Team pricing plan or in the Core pricing plan or some other pricing plan?

is the Other category the place that FRs go to for cold storage and have no chance of ever being implemented?

Something else?

Other is for any posts that weren’t assigned a category at creation. It’s effectively a catch-all.

Thankyou @Andy, however that doesn’t explain why a large number of posts that were in the Feature Requests category been moved to the category that is now called Other?

Can you send me the URL to one I can check the history and see if it shows that. Normally that could only happen if the OP edits the post and removes the category. Anything posted with no category automatically gets the Other category.

The Other category was only created 5 days ago. At least that is what it says next to the post “About the Other Category” that @canden.hicks posted.

Have a look at all these posts there. Maybe something happened in Discourse, but they were previously in the FR category.

You can see stuff in there from 2021 that aren’t FR’s, so it’s not that. If you want to move something you posted from here into a different category, including the Feature Request category, just edit the post and change the category on it.

I’m confident that this category appeared 5 days ago and they all moved in there then.
If you’re not concerned, I will cease to be as well.
Very few of the FRs will ever get worked on anyway, and those that do get worked on will have a high chance of ending up in the higher cost tier anyway.
I’m not going to spend time on organising the forum for you.

Sound good. Thanks man.