Cant create topic in any categories except uncategorized

I went to post in the “scripting category” and found that all the categories are locked from having topics added except for uncategorized. This seems dumb, how am I supposed to post in the right place.
It says post in a topic that already exists, however, none of the topics match my issue.
This seems like another half-baked idea by Syncro support to minimize forum maintenance. Not taking into account that every new topic now will be posted in uncategorized.

I see your post in the Scripting category, or maybe you added an additional tag. But others have been posting in categories today.

I “tagged” it as scripting but it still only shows in the uncategorized category. I don’t see it in the scripting category as a topic.

Hi Miles, we’re looking into this! I do see that the post is uncategorized, but your permissions match other users. I’ll circle back with the other moderators.

@Alexandra I don’t think it’s my permissions. It looks like you guys locked all the categories.

Those are locked, it’s the sub categories you post in.

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You can’t post here Scripting & APIs - Syncro Support Community, but you post here instead, Scripts - Syncro Support Community. Should be easy to see when you create a new topic and select it from the dropdown list.

Well @Jimmie I am an IDIOT and completely missed seeing the 2 subcategories Squares! I guess no “dark mode” for me since it makes it barely seeable :rofl: Thanks for pointing it out!!!

Oh ouch, I haven’t switch to DM yet on here, but yeah that blue blends in. If you click the All dropdown, you can see the subs there too. But if you are on the home page, when you create a new topic, you can assign the category and I don’t think it will let you try and assign a locked category there.

@Jimmie Let me know if dark mode is more readable now.