Upcoming CyberDrain Community Scripting Event - 12/14/21

Hey everyone! We are having our monthly CyberDrain Community Scripting Submissions event here on our community forums, taking place Tuesday, December 14th. For those of you unaware, CyberDrain provides us five new scripts each month that we add to our Community Scripting Library. Three of those come from their blog, and the remaining two come directly from the Syncro Community!

Here is how it works. We’ll open a new post here in the Community Events category. Feel free to submit as many PowerShell scripting ideas as you like, including no more than one idea per response. Please be detailed in regard to what you’d like the script to accomplish. If you see an idea you like, feel free to show your support by clicking the heart icon on that submission. The event will run for a full 24 hours, at which point the thread will be closed for further comment. We will pick two winning submissions, send those off to CyberDrain, and they’ll add them to our Community Scripting Library once they’ve been written.

I’ll see you all there!