Proofpoint is an industry-leading email security provider whose solutions process 1 out of every 4 emails sent, including 87% of Fortune 100 companies. Now Syncro is bringing their small business and MSP-centric products to you.

We’ve leveraged our buying power to bring our partners significant savings on Proofpoint’s Essentials line, as well as their Security Awareness Training product.

To provision a new instance of Proofpoint through Syncro, please use the Proofpoint App card in the App Center of your Syncro instance.

We are also able to quickly and easily migrate your Proofpoint billing over to Syncro to start saving you money today. To learn more about the migration process, please email

All Proofpoint products which resolve through Syncro include full support provided by Proofpoint directly. To learn more about pricing, please check the Proofpoint App Card in your Syncro instance.

The following SKUs are available through Syncro:

Proofpoint Essentials

  1. Email Security - Business
  2. Email Security - Business+
  3. Email Security - Advanced
  4. Email Security - Advanced+
  5. Email Security - Professional
  6. Email Security - Professional+

Security Awareness Training

  1. Security Awareness Training

There are no contracts, commitments, or minimums to meet.

Using Proofpoint

For help configuring Proofpoint, please contact Proofpoint directly. For your convenience, we have linked the following helpful guides to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Proofpoint setup and usage: