Message from Syncro Regarding Recent News of Silicon Valley Bank

To our Syncro Partners:

You may have heard the news about Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) shutting down today. We wanted to let you know that Syncro doesn’t have any relationship with SVB—we don’t anticipate this news affecting our business operations in any way.

In the unlikely scenario that you or your end clients are affected, please reach out to us at to discuss your situation and how we might help. Syncro thrives when our partners thrive, and we’re here for you.


Appreciate the heads up. I hadn’t even thought of how this could affect me / people like this haha. Good call with a preemptive PSA. Have a great week!

didn’t expect this information. now the hopes are you don’t have got the money on Signature Bank or Silvergate Bank. Or in any other Bank that starts with a S? Just kidding :sweat_smile: