Leads Won't load ~ Bulk Delete not Working

The Leads module is wonky - won’t load.
Is anyone else having trouble with bulk lead delete?
The window doesn’t come up.

No issues here - I know that doesnt help much, but did remove a few entries this morning with no problem. You might have something blocking the pop up and/or something maybe blocking the request. Might try a different browser or a different computer.

Having trouble again this morning

Can you try loading this page in incognito and letting me know if it works there?

yeah. It’s wonky.
Many different browsers and many different locations.

incognito leads tab
The issues are isolated to the leads tab.

Ok thanks for the images. I can’t replicate it here on my production account and I checked with support and they can’t reproduce it either. We also aren’t seeing any other instances of this being reported currently. Could you please open a support ticket on this one so they can dig into it further?