Forward Customer emails into system

For some time now when I forward an email to my ticketing address from my account address, a new lead in my name is setup.

Anyone else getting this?

Yes, it used to work well up until a few weeks ago.

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Have you checked if the subject of the forwarded email starts with FW: ? It won’t work unless that’s there.

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Bug introduced with RTF. Mine was fixed for 1-2 weeks then broke again :(.

Yes - everything is correct and nothing changed from my perspective.

Support suggested it was because I have an archive “Customer” with my name but there is no email address associated with the customer and problem still exists after deleted the “Customer”

Raised it here to see if the problem was more widespread!

Removing the <> brackets from around the customers email address in the body of the forwarded message is a workaround. It has worked for me today.