Force Agent to Query to Update

Is there a way to run a script or otherwise force the agent to query or audit the assest so that it updates the system information tab and the windows updates that are needed?

Is there s default time that every agent updates? How often?

You can change the policy assigned to the device, save a policy applied to the device, wait for the Full Sync (happens at 6 hour intervals) or run this script: Syncro Force Full Sync -
Here’s the info I’ve deduced on the various syncs:

Near Realtime:
Manual script runs
Online Status
Every 5 minutes:
Syncro Agent heartbeat
Every 5-10 mins:
Checks for Syncro Agent/Live/Kabuto updates
Every 15 mins (Small Sync):
Event Logs check
Antivirus Status check
Firewall Status check
Hard Drive Space check
Device Manager check
Blue Screen Crashes check
Every 1 hour: Overmind/Recovery service checks service status
Every 2 hours (Medium Sync):
Managed AV check and install if needed
Third party patch check and install if needed (may be scheduled instead?)
Every 6 hours (Full Sync):
Updates asset details like Pending Reboot, last boot time, device name and installed programs
Windows Update sync
Hard Drive Fragmentation check
Hard Drive Health check

Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for.

I just saw this pop up on my dashboard a few minutes ago! :slight_smile: