Create a Custom Asset Field

Custom Asset Fields are a powerful way to add items you need to assets.

Note: Asset Fields are tied to their Asset Types. Any fields you create for a Type will only be visible on Assets of that Type. In short, custom fields are not shared by all Assets.

Creating a new Asset Field

  1. Navigate to Admin > Customers - Asset Custom Fields.
  2. Next to the Asset Type you want to add your custom field to, click Manage Fields. (In this example we'll be using the Mobile Device type.)
    Click Manage Fields
  3. Click the New Field button.
    Click New Field
  4. Give it Name and select your Field type.
    Enter name, select field type
  5. Depending on the type you select, you can add additional info (like drop down items).
  6. Lastly, you can indicate if want the field to be Required.
    Check Required if desired

Now when you create a new Asset of that Type, that field will be available for it.
Custom field