Compromised Login Password Detection is Live

As part of Syncro’s commitment to making MSPs more secure, we’re releasing Compromised Login Password Detection. This will notify you whether anyone in your MSP environment is using a Syncro Login password that’s appeared in any data breaches. It will give you the option to update the login. Watch the video now!

Every time someone on your team logs in to Syncro with Compromised Login Password Detection enabled, your hashed password will be securely scanned by Have I been Pwned? to determine if your credentials have been leaked as part of a data breach outside of Syncro. Syncro will never share your login data with third-parties and only stores encrypted, hashed login info.

The Compromised Login Password Detection update is a new and optional setting that Admins can enable in their Login Settings, but notifications will be sent to all users. Please note that this cannot be enabled if you have SSO turned on on your account. Learn more by visiting our KB here.

You can enable Compromised Login Password Detection from the Login Settings from your Admin Settings page in Syncro:

Next, enable Compromised Login Password Detection:

Leaked passwords will appear in one of the following ways:

At the top of you login screen, where you will also have the optional link to change the password.

You can also check if another member of your team has a compromised password under Users. If so, the message will display as the following: