Changing SyncroMSP forum username

I would like to change my forum username.
According to the Discourse support threads, this ability is a system wide setting to allow users to change their user names.
The setting is called “Username Change period” and it impacts every forum user.
This is why I haven’t raised a support ticket.
User has no option to change username? - support - Discourse Meta

Why does he want to change his forum user name is probably the first question that comes to mind?
Wont this break stuff such as threads and comments in the forum?

Well, I have realised that because the SyncroMSP forum has read access turned on to the entire Internet (and might be kept on the wayback machine too). Anyone out there can browse the SyncroMSP forum, and click on my username and find my full name. Then they find out which RMM I use, and with a little research find the business name I use and then use that information for their own purposes.

That might be marketing to me, which isn’t terrible and I can handle that.
Or it might be to carry out some sort of targeted cyber attack against my business or my customers (if they determine or know who they are).
That would be terrible, so therefore I would like to reduce the risk and change my name and username in the SyncroMSP forum.

Alternatively, closing off public read access would also be a solution too.


Public read needs to be removed. This should be a private forum.

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At the very least private should be the default setting. If certain categories are going to be used for documentation and public announcements, then the should be public and read only.

@Andy @canden.hicks Any thoughts here guys?

I’m pretty sure you can change your forum username right now. Click the icon in the top right, then the person icon on the tab bar, then preferences. At the top under Username you should be able to alter your username there.

No, it isn’t possible to make any changes.
I will send you a private screen snip

Maybe it’s an admin thing, works for me:

Yes it is an admin thing.
Read the thread by clicking the link in this quote.

Are there any updates on this topic?

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No updates at this time.

I understand from this page, that Syncro supports the principle of the Right to be Erased/Forgotten.
GDPR - Your Business and Your Customers - Knowledge Base / Security and Compliance - Syncro Support Community (

So is one way to proceed for me to raise a support request to…
Ask for all my forum posts to be erased and have a new forum username created?

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I am able to remove your account from the forums here if that is what you’re asking, but you don’t get a new one. It’s linked to your Syncro account.

Feel free to write into support, maybe they have access to something I do not.

Thanks @Andy
I’ve raised a support ticket.
Lets see how that pans out.