Bitdefender EDR

Anyone using and seeing any value in Bitdefender’s edr?

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I would love some gravity zone training to see the benefits and best practices


There was a good Bitdefender open office Friday that I picked up a few tricks on.

I am interested in their new updated product offering that will include some of the once optional features. That is if I read the announcement correctly.

Signup as a partner and access the learning system. You can still just keep Syncro as the partner of record for integration and pricing.

I use to use Bitdefender with ATS and EDR addons. The benefit of the EDR portion really comes down to if you understand what you’re looking at, and more importantly, if you actually have the time to sit there and review some of the stuff it’s finding so that you know what steps to take to remediate if necessary or exclude, etc.

I ended up going with Huntress and not using the EDR stuff anymore since that’s basically what Huntress does with their agent, except they have an entire team dedicated to just threat ops. They are amazing.