Backup solution migration plan advice request

Hello All,

One of my clients current backup solution from Datto is expiring in Sept this year. I am planning them to move them to Acronis or comet. The backups comprise of VM states and SQL databases.

I would like to know how should I plan the migration.

  1. When should I start with the new solution i.e. run in parallel for the last couple of months till the end of the current solution.

  2. What should I do with the data with the current backup solution. Should I start downloading the backup images and how far in the past should I go.

  3. Any other suggestion and/or advice


I would start asap so you can build up some data history in Acronis/Comet prior to the cutoff. Regarding the current data, you should ask the customer how far back they need their backups to extend. If it’s only 6 months or so, if you start now you’ll already have that on your new backup. One thing I’ve learned is you can never have too many backups, so I wouldn’t worry as much about the overlap or cutting over right at the end of the datto contract. Get things backed up on the new system asap would be my advise. Other than email, I rarely have customers go back several months for data, but you should communicate expectations with the customer.

Thanks @mgilbert1 very good insight. very much appreciated.