Acronis Migrations Now In Full Swing

Hey everyone,

So we’ve now completed the bulk of our new account provisioning requests for Acronis, and we’ve extended our 10% promotion through Dec 21st to accommodate folks that were unable to ramp over the Thanksgiving holiday.

With that over, migration opportunities are now in full swing. If you currently have an Acronis instance on another vendor, and you are not currently under contract, we can switch your Acronis billing over to Syncro. The process is quick and seamless, and no changes will occur to your Acronis Instance other than the billing change.

We’ve yet to encounter an account on another vendor that won’t see reduced pricing on Syncro.

We have no commits, either, and your account remains completely portable so you are free to take it with you if that day were to ever come.

To find out how much you can save, please reach out to me directly at

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