Backup solution for O365, G Workspace, VM and Phy hosts

Hello All,

I am planning to move away from Datto/Kaseya. Can I please request what backup solutions others are using for the following

  • Office 365 (One drive, emails, SharePoint)
  • Google Workspace (drive, emails etc…)
  • Hyper V host and VMs
  • Endpoints

Storage can be either local or cloud. Any recommendations on storage will be appreciated as well.

Many thanks to all for the responses.

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For internal use or for MSP clients? I would use Wasabi for storage, and MSP360 or Axcient for back up.

I’ve been using AWS and MSP360 for years and it’s been working great. MSP360 does cloud backup and physical/virtual servers, workstations.

@petes72 and @sconant Thank you for your response. Yes, used for both internal and MSP.

If PAX8 is a partner, consider Dropsuite for O365 and Google Workspace. Otherwise checkout Cove for O365, servers and workstations.


If you have an Intel based Synology unit then there is an App that’ll handle M365 and Google Workspace.

Best solution by far I have found is DropSuite backup and archiving for All of Office 365. Immutable storage, unlimited storage and can go up to unlimited time for a very low price that cannot be beat. meets all compliance and litigation needs.
Hyper V and endpoints - Acronis Cyber Protect Backup is the best in my opinion.

Sorry but Acronis and Veeam are the absolute best. As an MSP, I’d recommend Acronis. You can also easily write some scripts to connect to Acronis and Syncro to automate billing of backup services as well.

Thanks @chris9 noted.

is anyone using comet, this vendor is now partnering with Syncro, curious how people’s experience has been. We use Veeam for our internal, but Acronis looks expensive to resell.

If you are looking for one solution to handle all of it, I’d recommend Acronis. This is especially true if you start to get into needs like advanced disaster recovery where you need to recover to cloud VMs and stuff like that. There is literally nothing they do not do. Also, they offer unlimited storage for their O365 seats and that extends to like OneDrive and SharePoint and stuff as well. Same model for Google Workspace as well.

If your primary need is O365/Google Workspace and the rest is ancillary, you’ll here a lot of good things about Dropsuite for sure.

So for me personally it would come down to whether or not you wanted everything under one roof.