Background tools terminal CMD / Powershell gpresullt doesn't work

Is there a reason I can’t run basic commands from the background tools? IPCONFIG and PING work fine but most of the othe commands I try to run in either the CMD window or the Powershell interface just don’t work. Latest example is gpresult -r so I can check what GPOs are getting applied.

Commands that run under the user can’t be used because it runs as system and interactive commands can’t be used. I believe gpresults -r is checking the user, so instead it is returning something like “INFO: The user " DOMAIN\USER$” does not have RSoP data."

Thank you for the information. That is unfortunate. I understand what you are saying and am not arguing the limitation. It would seem like this part of the program should be provided with a toggle for system/user on the terminal windows as syncro is able to run scripts as a user so clearly it has access to user-passed information.

Aye, but completely different methodology. Syncro packages the script into a PS1, downloads, and executes, so it’s able to perform that either via system or user, whereas Background Tools is one app that is running via the system account. Even the registry editor’s HKCU isn’t the logged on user, it’s the system user. I’m sure there’s a way but would require a complete architecture change and their focus is PSA this year, so wouldn’t expect something like that to happen for a long time.