Asset Approval process

Asset Approval lets you enable a setting that will put all newly created assets into a pending list where you can approve or deny the asset. You can also choose to automatically approve all assets from a WAN IP for any assets that are created from a known location.

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Getting Started

To enable Asset Approval head to Admin > RMM Settings > Preferences > Asset Approval:

Require Asset Approval: When enabled, all newly created assets will be added to the Pending Assets Page where you will need to approve or deny the asset. Only users with the Assets Pending Approval security setting will have access to this page.

Auto Approve Assets From Known IPs: This setting works off the WAN IP address. If a new agent is installed from a known network (I.E. an already existing asset), the system will recognize that IP and will automatically approve the asset and add it to the main asset list.

Security Groups & Permissions

Global administrators will be able to view the Pending Assets page and approve/deny assets by default. Technicians must have the 'Assets - Assets Pending Approval' permission enabled in order to have access to this page. Once the setting is enabled, users will be able to view the Pending Assets page and approve or deny any assets.

This can be enabled by heading to Admin > Security Groups > Edit:


You can enable notifications to be notified anytime an asset is pending approval, approved, or denied. To enable these notifications head to Admin > Notification Center > Edit:

Approve/Deny Assets

Approve or Deny Asset:

When a new asset has been added and is pending approval, you will see the asset populate under the 'Pending Approval' section of the main asset page:

Note: this button will only show up when there are pending assets available.

Clicking on Pending Approval will take you to the Assets Pending Approval Page. From here you will be able to see some generic information about the asset and choose whether you want to approve or deny the asset:

You can search for assets by name or by the customer as well as use the checkbox on the far right to bulk approve or deny pending assets.

If the asset is approved, it will automatically populate under the main assets page. The next time the asset syncs, it will then pull in all of the device information. This will usually happen in about 15 minutes once the asset has been approved.

If the asset is denied, it will remove the asset from the page and will trigger the agent to be removed from the device.

Automatically Approve from Known IP:

If the setting for 'Auto Approve Assets From Known IP' is enabled in the RMM settings, the system will automatically add the asset to the main asset list.

If the WAN IP is already known and an agent has that IP address, any assets created within the same IP will be automatically approved:

Important Notes

  • Until the asset is approved, the policy settings are empty. Paid add-ons will not be installed or incur charges until the asset has been approved.
  • Pending assets will not have all the asset information until the asset has been approved. Until then you will see general information to help you determine whether it is to be approved or denied.
  • Once the asset has been approved, it will sync all policy information (system tray, AV, etc.)
  • If the asset was deleted in Syncro, it will have to be re-approved when the agent is reinstalled

Can we edit this “Known IP” list?
Like we have new customers where we will use Intune to install Syncro and they are on a conference at a different location than their office…
Thanks in advance,

No, it’s based off machines that already exist in the customer environment(s).