Add Keeper script in Community Library

I am trying to use the Add Keeper to PC script in the community library and while it says it is running successfully, when I look at the script output I am seeing this error.

My knowledge of scripting is very limited. Was hoping someone might point me as to what to look for.

error> At C:\ProgramData\Syncro\bin\4fb18b89-e775-485d-8e5c-2bee39bc8b67.ps1:16 char:165
error> + … “update_url” -Value “
error> + ~
error> The string is missing the terminator: ".
error> + CategoryInfo : ParserError: (:slight_smile: , ParseException
error> + FullyQualifiedErrorId : TerminatorExpectedAtEndOfString

It is because there is an extra double-quote on the end of this line:

New-Item -Path .\Software\Wow6432Node\Google\Chrome\Extensions -Name “bfogiafebfohielmmehodmfbbebbbpei”"

Remove that and you should be good to go as far as that error.