WorldPay Payment Integration

Table of Contents

Technical Details
Offer Details
Setup Instructions
EMV/Chip and Pin Dejavoo Terminal Setup
ACH Billing


Who and What

WorldPay, the third largest processors in the United States. They specialize in software integrations like ours, and rely on distribution through Point of Sale software collaborations. They have geared their offering to be ultra-competitive for what we are trying to provide to our users because of this business model alignment.


Technical Details


With this integration we provide a fully encrypted end to end solution. In all of our credit card integrations we never store any credit card information, but with Worldpay, the encryption happens on the card readers themselves and we only pass fully encrypted data to Worldpay. This is the most secure way to do online credit card processing.


Environment Name Card Type Interface Est. Price Link
iOS IDTech Shuttle Magnetic
headphone jack $75.00 MUST REQUEST MERCURY KEY: JR's POS Depot
Windows + Mac Magtek
USB card reader
USB $70.00 Contact WorldPay to order: 800.846.4472
Table Top Terminal Dejavoo Z11
Magnetic Swipe, EMV(Chip),
Apple Pay
Ethernet $299.00

Contact WorldPay to order:


Table Top Terminal Dejavoo
Z9 WIFI (wireless)
Magnetic Swipe, EMV(Chip),
Apple Pay
WiFi $380.00

Contact WorldPay to order: 800.846.4472

***Note: You Need to Specify WorldPay as the Key When Ordering the iOS Card Swiper***

iOS Card Swiper Encryption

***Note 2: If you already have a reader you are using with someone other than WorldPay, you cannot use it. They have to be keyed from the distributor. ***

What is Supported

Once you are setup with WorldPay, all payment functionality in the app will work -- plus you can swipe in the iOS app!

We support:

  • Card Swiping and keyed entry (manual typing of cards)
  • Storing cards for future use
  • Voids and Refunds
  • iOS Swiping (keyed entry coming soon)
  • EMV
  • Apple Pay


Offer Details

Worldpay Payments in Syncro

We used our processing volume to negotiate a special payments package with the largest payment
processor in the world.

Whether you are just starting out or a full service MSP, Worldpay gives you access to extremely competitive pricing without a contract, industry-leading technology so you can offer your customers a variety of payment options and a security bundle to help keep your business safe and secure.

Without the proper security measures in place, it can take four times as long to identify a breach.
At Worldpay, because we take protecting your business and your customers’ data serious, our
comprehensive security solution, OmniShield Assure, comes standard with all merchant accounts
and delivers:

  • Point-to- Point Encryption (P2PE) and Tokenization protects data in transit and at rest
  • PCI Assist makes it easy for you to achieve PCI compliance
  • EMV protects against counterfeit card fraud, enabling chip card transactions
  • Breach Assist provides financial protection (up to $100K per store) in the event of a breach

WorldPay fees are based on your individual business needs and usage. WorldPay no longer offers flat-rate service fees for Syncro customers as they have in the past. We encourage all customers to work with their WorldPay representative for the best rates possible.

The signup link will be available to you within the App Center if the offer is available to you. It is for Account payers in USA.

You can also find that link here:

NOTE: You only need to enter data in the fields that have RED on them.

Before proceeding with the steps below be sure that you have done the following:

  • Reviewed what WorldPay Offers at the top of this article.
  • Completed the online application and received approval
  • Received the Dealer Letter
  • You are aware of the special hardware needed through WorldPay and have it plugged in and ready for a test transaction
  • If you were previously an or Stripe user, make sure you head to the settings page for that old payment integration and disable it now.


Setup Instructions and Important Information

Once they approve you, they send you a welcome letter (email) with a username, and another email with the password. This login will get you into the portal, found here:

To finish up the integration, you need to copy access credentials into the settings page in the App Center card and you are ready to go!

There are 2 sets of credentials you will need, one is the "Web Services"(MID) credential for swiping cards and one for the "Hosted Checkout" (keyed entry, typing in card numbers with a keyboard/etc).

* Note: Big Chain Accounts - You have the option of using one set of credentials for all your locations. You will also receive separate credentials for each location, in case you prefer to use that method.

The Web Services credential should be emailed out, it will look something like this:

Worldpay credentials letter

Head to Admin > App Center > WorldPay.

Enter the corresponding values into the first three fields (the fourth you have to go generate).

Worldpay MID and password fields

Now head to the portal so you can generate the "Hosted Checkout Password."

  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. On the left, click Self Service > Self Service
  3. Make sure the "Hierarchy Level" dropdown says "Merchant"
  4. In the "Enter a value or click + to lookup" field, click the red "+" symbol
  5. Click your account, then in the lower right click SELECT
  6. Click SEARCH
  7. Click the "Processing Credentials" tab
  8. In the Hosted Checkout section, click the "Terminal ID" dropdown and select your account
  10. Click the "Copy" link (do not highlight and copy it)

You will now go back to Syncro, paste it into the "Worldpay Hosted Checkout password" field and click "Save."

Hosted Credentials (Keyed Entry) fields

Head to Admin > Payment Methods and make sure that a payment method is set to "Yes" to use for credit card processing.

That's it!

You should now be able to swipe into your new "WorldPay Encrypted" card readers that you purchased, and you should be able to key-enter cards using the blue button on the payment forms.


EMV/Chip and Pin Dejavoo Terminal Setup

  1. Power on your terminal and connect it to your network via ethernet cable or wifi. Do NOT connect it to your computer via USB. If you are prompted for a password to get on the network, it should be "1234".
  2. Go to to Admin > App Center.
  3. Click the Worldpay app card.
  4. Click the orange Register New Terminal button.
  5. Give the device a name and enter the serial number that should be on the back of the device, then click Save.
  6. Once that's done, head over to Admin > POS - Cash Registers.
  7. Either edit an existing register, or click New Register.
  8. Give it a name. You will typically leave "Customer Name" blank.
  9. If you are not using a cash drawer, check the Disable Cash drawer box.
  10. Click the Worldpay EMV Terminal dropdown and select the terminal name that you just entered.
  11. Click Create Register or Update Register.
  12. Once the terminal setup is complete within RepairShopr, you will want to contact Dejavoo so they can configure your device if you have not already.


Next Day Funding

If you are interested in Next Day Funding, you'll need to reach out to WorldPay to see if they can get that set up for you on their end. It will probably cost extra.

Errors and Troubleshooting

Here we'll outline some common errors we see, and what you can do to resolve them.

Error 100 - "Invalid Credentials" or "Authenticate Failed"

If you get this when swiping a card, it means that your login (MID) or password are incorrect.

If you are getting this after clicking the blue "Keyed Entry" button, the hosted checkout MID or password are incorrect. Please see the instructions above on how to login to the portal and generate a password.

*Make sure that you are using the Web Service Number (MID), not your email address.

"Invalid Field - Encrypted Block"
This happens when you type a credit card number into the field that is meant for swiping. If you want to type a card number, make sure to click the blue button first.

"Failed to Decrypt"
This happens when there's an issue with the encryption on your credit card reader. When you purchased your card reader, did you buy it from the link on the Supported Hardware page, and did you specify "WorldPay" as the encryption key?

"Encrypted Block Invalid" or "Data Invalid"
These errors are usually just a "bad read" of the card. If you try other cards and they work, just run that one as keyed entry.

If none of your cards work, the reader could be the wrong type or failing. If you are sure it's the right type of reader with the right encryption key (because it worked for a period of time with WorldPay) - you might need a replacement card reader.

Error 203 - "We are unable to process your order at this time. Please contact our customer service." If you receive this, call WorldPay. It means that they need to raise the single transaction limit on your account.

Invalid Token Error 200 - This is the result of using a different terminal for a refund other than the one that was used to process the card. Check the location of your invoice and make sure it is lined up with the terminal that processed the customer's card. They need to both be from the same location.

1. From the invoice page, click "Take Payment"

2. Select “Credit” payment method & Click the green "Take Payment" button

3. This should "wake up" the terminal - Now swipe the card in the terminal or insert the the card into the EMV reader.

The screen should now look like this:

4. When complete, the terminal will send info back to the browser. Your browser should auto-update to the payment results when this happens - it will look like this when it succeeds


If the terminal has network issues or anything goes wrong during the processing, the connection between the terminal and our application can become disconnected. Not to worry!

A. Look at the terminal, if it looks like it's still trying to complete a transaction - wait for it. For up to 120 seconds.

B. If the terminal is back to the main screen, click the "Check Status" button to see if we can reconcile for you automatically. (This will work some percentage of the time - can take a couple minutes though.)

C. Sometimes if the terminal "retries" a payment (fails once, but works on a retry) it can succeed without telling our application. You know that happens if our application page has an error and the terminal says it succeeded with the payment.

If this happens, you can click "Terminal stuck?" and then "Override" - this will override the payment to be marked down as a success.


D. If for some reason you navigate away from the page after the payment was initiated you will have what we call a "stuck incomplete transaction" and it MUST be resolved before this terminal can be used again. You will see an error message like "You have a payment already active on this terminal! Go here to handle them"

You'll need to click that link and clear up the prior incomplete payment before continuing. Clicking the link will take you to a list that should show the last payment that didn't complete.

You should probably always hit "Check Status/Resolve" here because it will check with WorldPay to see if it can figure out what happened.

E. If you get a decline on their card, you'll have the opportunity to try again, or try another card with the "Retry" button.

F. If you try some cards and none are working, they may want to switch to a cash payment. Just hit "Back" on the browser back to the "New Payment" page where you can select the payment method and take it as a fresh payment there.


Do not manually close the batch from the terminal, as this may lead to discrepancies in in your reports. It is safe to do a Batch Summary Report at any point.


ACH Billing

Note: ACH is only done with Check Commerce. Some areas of the software may still say Element Express, but know it is actually using Check Commerce.

To get started head to App Center and click either the WorldPay Card or the ACH Billing Card.

In either App Card, enter your Check Commerce ACH credentials and click Save.

Once you have entered your credentials, click the Test Credentials.

Next head to Admin > Invoices - Payment Methods. Create a New Payment Method and select an ACH Payment Type.

OK, you have it configured! Now let's save ACH records. Head to a Customer Record next. Scroll to the Stored Payment Profiles section and click New.

At the top of the page, click the Via ACH tab. You will be prompted to enter the Account Details and customer info needed for saving a profile.

Your customers can also add their own ACH payment method by heading to the Customer Portal and selecting Stored Payment Options > Manage > Add ACH:

Now when you next go to process a payment for the customer, you can select the ACH payment method to use the Stored Profile. You can also in a similar manner to Stored Credit Cards, choose the ACH as the automatic Payment Method in the Recurring Invoice.

Check the box to Auto Charge the card. When you do that, a field will appear containing a drop down where you can choose from Saved Credit Cards and ACH accounts.

Remember to click save to save your changes!

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