Syncro Ticket view has strange colors in dark mode

We noticed starting a few minutes ago that the ticket display dark mode colors are way different than they were this morning. Are these UI/UX elements permanent or is this a bug? We aren’t seeing the same theme everywhere, just the main ticket page.

edit: 22 June 2023 - Looks like it’s back to normal for now!


I’m seeing the same thing. It’s all blue which is kind of… horrible? I hope they haven’t removed dark mode in favour of “blue” mode.

Also, why can’t we customize this stuff yet?

Yep we are seeing it as well. Some UI change happened around 4pm CST.

Same here I would go with light mode, but my eyes cannot withstand it.

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I’d love to see user-customizable colors as well. HOWEVER, I have customized colors on my own using the Stylus extension for Chrome. You can override the default CSS values with your own colors pretty easily if you have a basic understanding of CSS.

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