Scripting - Third Party Patch Management with Ninite

We're going to setup a simple script to do patch management with Ninite Pro Classic (their command line tool).

First, download your .exe and stick it in the "Script Shared Files" in your account.

Ninite shared files


Now create a new script and make it a powershell, run as system, and make sure there is a "required file" for the ninite .exe file:

Now we can select the options we want. Ninite lets you do installs or just updates.

Example command to do installs (and this also updates the apps):

NinitePro.exe /select Firefox Skype Flash "Flash (IE)" /silent

Example command to just do an update based on a list of apps:

NinitePro.exe /list /silent apps.txt

Here is a working version in our system in Powershell:

Editing Script


Script Body

Import-Module $env:SyncroModule
$Params = "/select,Firefox,Skype,Flash,Flash (IE),/silent"
$ParsedParams = $Params.Split(",")
& "C:\temp\ninite-classic.exe" $ParsedParams