RMM Settings - Preferences

What it Does

Set your Agent accent colors, set your icon image, choose your default policy, and choose your default session indicator here.


To get here, navigate to Admin > RMM Settings - Preferences.

RMM Settings

Accent Color: Choose a color that is used on the Agent install/uninstall window

Agent Icon: Upload your logo or selected image to be used as the Agent System Tray Icon (directions below)

Here are instructions for how to make your own ico file:

  1. Download your favorite image editor. We recommend using GIMP.
  2. Open your logo image file
  3. Make sure image is square (use dimensions: 48x48, 64x64, or 128x128)
  4. “Export As” .ico file

Please Note: You must pick one of the resolutions in step 3. Using a different size may result in your file not being accepted.

Icon Troubleshooting

If your icon isn't updating first check its resolution for step 3. If it still isn't working, we've seen that .ico files get corrupted. We recommend accessing your source image and creating a new .ico file and uploading that.

A Sync has to occur prior to the agent icon updating. To force a sync, please re-save the policies in your Policies section. Re-saving the policies will trigger a forced sync to all assets.

Remote Access Settings: This will turn on the Syncro Live session indicator by default so your clients will see a popup in the bottom right corner of the desktop indicating the remote session has started.

Asset Approval: Please see this Asset Approval article for details.

Thumbnail: This allows you to see a screenshot of the asset you are viewing from the Asset's screen. This is a static screenshot taken when you open that asset. It will only show the screenshot if someone is logged into the give asset.

Screenshot Thumbnail