RMM Alerts (RAM usage)

Hi! I have some trouble understanding the RMM Alers for RAM usage.

I got multiple assets with 16GB of RAM, and they are reporting that they been using more then 90% for over 10 minutes. The problem is I can’t see what process that is using all the RAM.

When checking out the “details” about the alert I get this:

Alert when RAM usage is over 90% for 10 minutes

Current RAM Usage: 14122 Mb

Top consumers:
589 MB | ID: 21648 | msedgewebview2.exe
531 MB | ID: 35732 | OUTLOOK.EXE
373 MB | ID: 30532 | EXCEL.EXE
292 MB | ID: 27680 | chrome.exe
285 MB | ID: 3724 | Memory Compression

This makes no sense, since the computer is using close to 15GB of RAM, but these are the reported “Top consumer apps” ?

Is this feature working as it should?

I haven’t heard of any issues of misreporting or misfiring for our resource usage alerts. I’d suggest reaching out to our support folks (help@syncromsp.com) and be sure to include a link to the alert and to the asset in question so they can dig into that some more for you.

At face value it looks off to me as well.

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I have 7 alerts open right now with the same issue… was there a resolution?

I made an support ticket regarding this issue, but I still haven’t got any answer. More and more devices is triggered by the alert atm…

Is high memory usage not just normal Windows behaviour? If one process starts using up all or a lot of memory for a long time will it become an issue?

Try using the Sysinternals RAMMap tool and run it as administrator.

RAMMap can also capture all RAM details in a file. You can script this with Syncro
To capture the data from the command line, use the following command:

rammap.exe myfile.rmp /accepteula

I just noticed a similar issue. However, in my case, I know it’s from the virtual machines I’m running on that PC. The VM memory and CPU usage don’t show in Task Manager.