QOL Feature Release - Month Tags In Recurring Invoices

Thank you. that would be appreciated.

@Andy How about actually documenting the existing lists of tags?

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I will raise that with the product team.


Chirping in here to say I’d love years in the tags too!

So WHERE exactly do the tags go? It’s a little vague, at least to me

More info found here: Syncro Ask Us Anything / Apr 18, 2023 - YouTube

They’d go in your recurring invoice line items. Also, the link Jimmie added above includes a video of me demoing the feature so you can see exactly how it works.

So I need separate/new line items for them? Like for MS365 subscriptions?

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This is more for if you have a recurring invoice for your monthly service agreement. So let’s say that agreement is like $5,000 a month and it says like “Monthly Service Agreement” as the description.

After a customer has been under contract for a while they often forget if they are getting billed in advance or in arrears, so you would change the line item description to read something like:

{{next_month}} Service Agreement

and that would translate to “June Service Agreement.”

This often happens at the end of the year where you send the January invoice and the billing folks actually aren’t sure if they should allocate that to December or January. You wouldn’t need to add it to all line items.

Okay. I get it now. Does the tag have to go on the template as well?

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It would go on the line item you want the name of the month to appear.

Hi Andy,

I added the tag {{next_month}} to our re-occurring invoice name and it has not populated.
Previous invoice name: “[month] Services” (Left like this so I would remember to change the name once generated)
After the tags came in I changed it to “{{next_month}} Services” in the hopes it would auto populate “June Services” but it has not. See below:
Invoice name

Is this tag purely for single line items and nowhere else in the re-occurring invoice schedule?

It would be great to be able to use these tags anywhere in the invoice process as people have suggested previously. It would make searching for specific invoices by a glance really easy. Also it is a good suggestion about {{year}} tags as well as a lot of us would use that.

It’s designed to be used in line items for your customer’s to denote when the billing period was for.

Will there be similar functionality for {{current_year}} and {{next_year}}?

For example, Domain Name Renewal for 07/28/{{current_year}} to 07/27/{{next_year}}

I don’t think for year, no.

For example, stuff like that isn’t typically handled in arrears so it’s not questioned as to what the charge was for, but this happened frequently with monthly service charges.

My interest in this request is to be able to add functionality to line items that I lost moving from Freshbooks. In this example, you can see the clarity of the invoice line item with the ability to put in tokens or variables for things. See How Do I Create a Recurring Template? – FreshBooks

I understand the notion of a year-based variable, but I am trying to better understand the use case. When would a customer be questioning what year an invoice is for?

I am now confused as to why this concept is not obvious. The invoice date is clear. However, in the case of a domain name renewal or other annual item on a reoccurring invoice, it is good to be specific on the date range of the domain. This functionality, which is in other invoicing solutions, enables a reoccurring invoice to be created with the explicit time frame of the domain - 06-20-2023 to 06-19-2023. I cannot create a reoccurring invoice to include that detail because of this lack of functionality. This could be the same scenario for line items that are for quarterly items. Being able to have this type of variables for month, year, etc. makes the output of a reoccurring invoice much more intuitive. Doing {{ThisMonth}} and {{NextMonth}} only is you saying that you will do just enough to say you have a feature but not bothering to completely build the feature. Others have given good use cases - I am just asking that this be expanded to other time periods including Monet, quarter, and year (current, past1, future1).

Was really hoping for year as well.

I bill in advance, but many line items are for past usage. Having the ability to add Month and year for last month, this month, next month would be very helpful.

An example invoice for January 1, 2024 might contain the following line items.

“Service retainer for January 2024”
“VOIP Phone usage for December 2023”

So simply having a year tag, while useful, wouldn’t help with this particular issue. It would need to be smart enough to know the year for last month, next month, etc.

A simple duplicate of your new tags would work.

{{last_month_with_year}}, for example.