Intake and Outtake Form

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Using the Forms

What it Does

These are designed to be shared with your customer before/after work is complete, giving the customer the opportunity to review the work that is about to be performed/has been done. You can then have them agree to terms and capture a signature.

Note: If you are using AutoPrintr, make sure you upgrade to the latest version above 2.0.24 or else you'll get a printing error. Here is the download link to the latest version:



Setting up the Intake or Outtake Form

1. To start, go to Admin > Tickets > Preferences, and then enable either the Intake or Outtake Form setting:


2. Then, go to Admin > PDF/Email Templates > Intake Form or Outtake Form Template to view the Template. Click on the Form Disclaimer tab to customize the Terms that your Customers will agree to after work is complete:


3. Optional: If there is a certain Ticket Custom Field Type that you would like to have different Outtake Terms for, just head to Admin > Ticket Custom Fields and click "Manage Fields". From there, you can click on the "Outtake Form - Terms and Conditions" or "Intake Form - Terms and Conditions" link to set up override text for that particular ticket type. Leave that text box blank if you want to use the default terms and conditions.


Once that's done, you're all ready to use the Intake/Outtake Form!


Using the Intake/Outtake Form

Now when you create a ticket a intake Form will trigger! If you want a Outake Form, just click New > Outake Form.

Click New > Outake Form


Both forms are designed to be reviewed with the customer. The top section lets the customer review the Ticket & Customer Info, all Public Ticket Comments (in the case of the Outtake Form), and any Worksheets that have been added to the Ticket. There are quick buttons on the top that you can use to convert the Ticket to an Invoice, Email the Outtake Form, and View/Print the PDF (again in the case of the Outtake Form).

Outtake Form


The bottom of both of the forms lets the Customer review your terms and sign to agree to them. As with other signatures in the software, they can sign with their finger on a touch-screen, or with an external, Topaz Signature Pad.

Terms and Signatures


To view either form after it's been signed, just click on Actions > Intake Form or Outtake Form from the Ticket Detail Page.

Actions > Outtake Form


Using the Forms in your workflow

Intake Form

The Intake form is pretty set and forget. Once active, any time you manually create a ticket, the Intake Form will prompt before taking you to the Ticket Detail page.

The Intake Form can be triggered again, by clicking New > Intake when you are on a Ticket Detail page. The completed form PDF can also be viewed as a PDF attachment on the ticket.


Outtake Form

You can have your customers sign the Outtake Form before or after they make payment on the invoice that is associated with the ticket.

One workflow is to finish working on the ticket, create the Outtake Form (New > Outtake Form), have the customer sign it, and then click "Make Invoice" right from the Outtake Form.

Click Make Invoice


Another workflow is to finish working on the ticket, make the Invoice, accept payment, and then have the customer sign the Outtake Form. In this situation you'll be prompted to resolve the ticket and open the Outtake Form after payment is accepted.

Click Resolve Ticket & Open Outtake Form