Display asset name in system tray button

Hey guys,

Is there anyway to display the computer name in the system tray? Obivously, when you put your cursor over it appear, but many client don’t understand (lol) and just click on the button. Would it be possible in the system tray to have like a menu type : « display text » and write a shortcode (asset-name) and like that it would appear?

Not that I know of, but you could do like a cmd one-liner for when they click -

Execute a CMD → Get Device Name → msg %username% %COMPUTERNAME%

The more advance method (that works with friendly name) would be to create a script that checks x amount of time the friendly name vs the variable result then either update or adds the friendly name to windows environmental variables then pull that variable to be display in the command above.

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Hi @olagace,

There is no way within Syncro to make this happen, this would be considered a feature request. Others may have a workaround similar to what Mr. Travis has provided above.

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