Create your first RMM Device with Syncro

Syncro's RMM enables you to easily monitor and manage your clients' devices. In this guide, we'll show you how to install Syncro on a Customer's device.


Step 1: Select a Customer

First, go to the Customer that you want to create a new device for, and click New > Syncro Installer.


Step 2: Select your Policy

A modal will show up with a list of your RMM Policies. Select the Policy that you want to attach to the Syncro Installer. 


We also offer a MSI Installer that can be selected from the Policy drop as well.


Step 3: Run the Installer

Run the installer that you just downloaded. It shouldn't take more than a minute.


Step 4: Check the Syncro Online Dashboard

You'll now see a new entry in your Asset and RMM list: