Channel Program Holidaze - 2022

Want some extra jingle jingle in your pocket to end the year?

Then you’re going to love the #Holidaze. It’s a 10-day sweepstake with more than $15,000 in gift cards and prizes to be won, and it’s all for MSPs.

Starting Nov 28, you could win VR glasses, a $500 Amazon gift card, an Apple watch, an Xbox Series X, and more.

There are also three grand prize bundles—worth $2,000 each—that will go to three more lucky winners on Dec 9.

The sooner you enter, the more of the daily draw you’ll be eligible for. So head over to Holidaze now for your chance to brighten the holidays in a big way.

Don’t miss out enter to win here: Channel Program Holidaze - 2022

why does Australia miss out?

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I would rather see $15k spent towards improving the product.

Congrats, for $15K the term “Scheduled Invoices” was changed to “Recurring Invoices”. :smiley:

Maybe Australia misses out because our timezone makes scheduling maintenance windows too hard? :thinking: :wink:

I don’t understand why our timezones impact on our missing out on the “SyncroMSP Channel Program Holidaze”.

I think its paid for by sponsors. There is a ton of them listed at the bottom of the registration link.

Sponsors only care about the biggest markets.