Bundles - Predefined

Yes! We have a full bundles module. This is especially useful for custom builds where you want to track inventory but don't want to show the details of what's include in a line item to a customer.

To start, go to Inventory > Bundles:

Click New Inventory Bundle:

Here, you can name your bundle, add items from your inventory, optimize the price by line item, or make an overall price for the bundle:

The items included here will be driven off your inventory so it's also possible to include a mix of taxable and non-taxable items. The system will handle calculating things properly for the bundle. You can also create a UPC code for the combined bundle.

To add a bundle to an invoice, simple select if from the list in the Bundles section:

You can then click the expand button on the invoice to see what's included but only the single item will be visible on the invoice for customers:

Also, to make creating many bundles quick and easy (for instance, for screen replacements for many different models of phones), you can use the Clone button when creating bundles in Inventory > Bundles: