Set Up Instructions allows you to process credit cards in Syncro. Please make sure you have done or are aware of the following before continuing further:

Table of Contents


Set up an Account

Sign up for account

  1. Go to's website (or call them) and sign up for an eCommerce account. When the account is created it is set up as a blended account. This allows you to process both Card Not Present (CNP) and Card Present (CP) transactions from one account.
    • While it is possible to order a strictly Card Present account, you would only do this if you will only take credit cards in person and won't take payments over the phone nor allow customers to make payments online. We strongly recommend going with a blended account for more flexibility in the future.
  2. Be sure to ask them about Customer Information Manager (CIM) if you want to store cards. This is included at no extra charge.
  3. When says your account is "Live" this means your gateway is ready. But it doesn't necessarily mean that you can process transactions. You must be connected to your merchant account as well. Contact your merchant account provider and tell them you will be connecting to They will say something like, "Great, we'll build you an profile" and they will give you a "Terminal ID" and related information.
  4. Contact with the terminal ID and related information to complete your gateway configuration.

Generate and copy credentials

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Click the Account tab.
  3. Under Security Settings, click the API Credentials & Keys link.
  4. Note the API Login ID (A)—you will need it later to enter in the integration settings.
  5. Click the New Transaction Key radio button (B).
  6. Check the Disable Old Transaction Key Immediately box (C).
  7. Click Submit (D).
  8. Click REQUEST PIN.
  9. Check your email for the PIN, then enter it into the next dialog and click VERIFY PIN.
  10. Assuming you entered it correctly, a dialog will say, "Identity Verified." Click CONTINUE.
  11. You will now see the Generated Key. Click Copy to Clipboard.
  12. Click Continue to return to the API Credentials & Keys screen.

Enter credentials into Syncro

  1. In a different browser tab, on your Syncro site, navigate to Admin > App Center.
  2. Click the app card. If the app card is not showing in the App Center, please email and we will get it enabled for you.
  3. Make sure Enabled is checked (E).
  4. Change the Currency if needed (F).
  5. Click the Please select your account type dropdown > Card Not Present / Blended (G).
    • If you set up a Card Present only account with, select Card Present in the dropdown instead.
  6. Paste the Generated Key you copied in step 11 above into the API Transaction Key field (H).
  7. Go back to the browser tab and copy the API Login ID (noted in step 4 of prior steps above).
  8. Back on the Syncro tab, paste the ID into the API Login ID field (I).
  9. Click Save.

You are all set! If you run into any issues or errors please refer to the troubleshooting steps below.

If you plan to accept credit cards in person, you can find links to order a generic USB swiper in the supported credit card readers section.



If after completing the setup you aren't able to process a transaction,

  1. Go to Admin > Reports > Payments > Payments Report.
  2. Once here, click View on your recently failed transaction.
  3. If you see this error, "This transaction cannot be accepted - Reason Code: 103, Response Code: 3," you will need to get a new Transaction Key from (see steps above).
  4. After doing so, go to Admin > App Center > app card.
  5. Paste this new key into the API Transaction Key field and click Save.

If you receive a "A duplicate transaction has been submitted" error when intentionally trying to process the same card for the same $ amount, wait two minutes and try again.

"The request field(s) are either invalid or missing" error — This indicates you have custom fields enabled in your account. You will need to disable that requirement and try the transaction again.


Features supported by CC processors

This is a summary of what each CC processor supports.

Recommended Stripe PayPal
Apple Pay/NFC Yes      
EMV (Chip Cards) Yes      
Mobile App Support Yes      
Keyed Credit Card Entry Yes Yes Yes  
USB Swiper Credit Card Entry Yes Yes    
Store Card Numbers
(for regular transactions and recurring invoicing)
Yes Yes Yes  
Payment Link in Invoice Emails Yes Yes Yes Yes
Take Payment from Customer Portal Yes Yes Yes Yes
Void Transaction Yes Yes    
Refund Transaction Yes Yes    
Availability USA only USA, UK, Australia, Canada Check Availability Here Worldwide


Supported Credit Card Readers

USB Card Reader for Desktop/Laptop

MagTek SureSwipe card reader (model 21040145)
We have verified that this works. However, the manufacturer discontinued it, although as of 2022-03-04, it was still available on Amazon.

MagTek Dynamag card reader, USB KB (model 21073062)
MagTek Dynamag card reader, USB, unencrypted (model 21073145)
As of 2022-03-04, these are the USB KB models currently made by the manufacturer.

Some of our Users have had success with this lower cost USB swiper.
Symcode USB 3-Track POS Magnetic Stripe Card Reader

While any of those should work, we have not tested them, so use at your own risk. We encourage you to contact to inquire about their usability and if they need to be encrypted for use on their network. Let us know if you go with one of these and get them to work and we'll update this page.

If you are on a Mac, we've found that the MagTeks will occasionally require a one-time PC connection in order to switch the device into Keyboard Emulation mode.If you aren't able to successfully swipe a card number into TextEdit, see the MagTek troubleshooting below. Otherwise, you will likely need to contact your supplier for steps on switching it to Keyboard Emulation mode. lists the ID Tech Augusta smart card reader, but we do not recommend it because it accepts EMV cards, which we do not support for

MagTek Troubleshooting

If the light is green and nothing happens after you swipe the card, it's probably in "HID" mode instead of "KEYBOARD" mode. No problem! Just follow these steps to switch it back to keyboard mode. Note: This app only works in Windows.

  1. Download and install the USB Swipe and Insert Reader demo at:
  2. When prompted to install source code during the installation, choose no.
  3. Left click Start > MagTek > USBMSR Demo. (Or in the "Type here to search" field, type usbmsr and click USBMSR Demo.)
  4. Ensure your reader is plugged in. On the bottom of the program, It will say detected HID mode device.
  5. Ensure the Set Focus To Text After Command Response and Auto Add Length check boxes are checked.
  6. To the right of the "Send Msg" button, type 01 10 01
  7. Click Send Msg.
  8. Now erase what you just typed in that field.
  9. To reset the reader (so the changes take effect), type 02 in the same field.
  10. Click Send Msg.
  11. Now test in Notepad.