Windows Patch Management - Exclusion List

I heard somewhere that the Syncro team is planning on improving update features. I’m looking forward to it.

It was mentioned here: Syncro 2021 End-of-Year Fireside Chat - YouTube

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I vote for improving Windows update. Allow blacklisting a patch or KB is critical for us MSP.

Thanks Jimmie. Good to know.

Three years now, and just smoke and mirrors and apps to let you do-it-yourself. I can’t even roll-my-own alerts because more than 1/2 of the event log is inaccessible. Try generating alerts from EventLog/Applications and Data/Windows/Backup or same with DFSR or anything else under that tree. Just to mention again, new feature after feature, but the core functions like patch management and alerting are more for a RepairShopr vs mission critical MSP’s. But hey, the price is right.