What are we doing for API's on the Ip Whitelist feature?

Just setup my IP Whitelist feature and I am wondering what others are doing for API’s?

I don’t know how to get the IP addresses for the various API’s I have enabled so I guess for now I have to leave that feature turned off? Anyone found a method to make that feature useable?

If you check that feature there are controls to turn off APIs so they will circumvent the white list.

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You will automatically receive an email from Syncro with the API name and IP address, for the specific API vendor, that was blocked. The email will give you an option to ‘Allow’ that IP address and add it to your whitelist.

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Yep, we’ve been doing that as we go - when API calls run from scripts, we get the email notification with a big ol’ button for “allow IP”. One click and that integration or script or whatever is cleared.
Works a charm. Thanks Syncro.