Warranty Master Integration

The Warranty Master integration talks directly to your SyncroMSP account via API to pull down the list of your devices. Once you set it up it will automatically sync your data and you will be able to manage your warranties in Syncro from inside Warranty Master.


How to Set Up

First start by navigating in Syncro to the Password/Profile option under the User Menu shown here:


Then copy the API key from that page as well as the URL of your regular Syncro account. You can find the API key highlighted here:


Once that's done navigate to your Warranty Master account and navigate to the "Add Integration" page to click the Syncro option. Once you click that you will be directed to a page with two fields where you can paste the information you copied in the step above.

The Hostname field is where you will enter your Syncro URL, and the API Key field is where you will enter the API key that you copied:


After entering your data into those fields you can click Save SyncroMSP Setup and your account will be integrated!