Tier 2 Tickets Integration

Integration Details

  • This integration with Syncro PSA works by installing your custom Tier2Tickets agent as an MSI on your client’s devices.
  • When the user wishes to communicate with your helpdesk team, they trigger the software through a hotkey (F1-F11), desktop icon, or the physical Helpdesk Button.
  • On software launch, the user can either be redirected to a user portal of your choosing (or you can set up to launch another website or application), or they can submit their issue or request by following the very simple and friendly form process.
  • A ticket will be submitted directly to Syncro PSA along with a self-diagnosing report, including dozens of real-time data, an instant replay of the user’s last 20 actions, curated links to help identify and resolve errors and warnings highlighted within, and any other custom data you choose to collect.
  • If users’ device isn’t connected to the internet, ticket submission to Syncro is facilitated through QR Code that user can scan with their smartphone, depositing the ticket form information and 10 network diagnostic test results into a ticket in Syncro.
  • Further customization is available, including all form text, logo white labeling, addition of custom powershell scripts and an AI-Supported Automation Engine.

Read Tier2Ticket's set up documentation.