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The Metrics
Ticket View Health Dashboard
Automatically Refreshing Data

How It Works

This feature is active by default for all Ticket Views. It can be located at the top of every Ticket View.

The Metrics panel is expanded at the top of the Ticket Views by default. It can be collapsed by clicking the carrot in the upper right of the section.


The Metrics

These are the eight metrics that will be available for release and cannot be rearranged.

Unassigned Tickets

Number of Tickets scoped to the Ticket View that do not have an Assigned Tech.

Unresolved Tickets

Number of Tickets scoped to the Ticket View that are not in the Resolved Status.

Due Soon

The Ticket Due Date is within the next 36 hours. This metric currently can’t have it’s time value changed.

Stale Tickets

Tickets that have not been updated in 2 or more days.

Breaching SLA Soon

Number of Tickets scoped to the Ticket View that have a SLA that will breach based on the Minutes-Warning value in the SLA for that ticket.

Breached SLA

Number of Tickets scoped to the Ticket View that have Breached the SLA associated to the Ticket.

Average First Response Time

Averaged time calculated from the First Public Comment created by a tech on a ticket minus the Ticket’s Create Time.

Average Resolution Time

Averaged time calculated from when the ticket is created to when it’s placed in Resolved status. Scoped across all tickets in the Ticket View and accounts for any time the Ticket was in a status set to Pause the SLA.



You can set a Threshold value on each Ticket View that will turn the metric value Red if it crosses that number to communicate that something needs attention. The Threshold values can be set for a Ticket View by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right of the Metrics section.

Clicking the Gear Icon will show pop-up to enter the values. There is also an option to set those values across all Ticket Views if you want to set the same values across all Ticket View Metrics.


Ticket View Health Dashboard

This feature is available for accounts that are subscribed to the Syncro Team Plan. We created a Dashboard for Leaders to keep up in a tab or on another screen that automatically refreshes every 3 minutes. This allows you to keep a close eye on multiple Ticket Views of your choosing from one place.

Accessing The Ticket View Health Dashboard:

On the Ticket Index click on the Ticket Views dropdown in the upper left side of the page. In the drop down select the option called “Ticket View Metrics.”

Another way to access the Dashboard is from the Ticket Views Settings page. In the upper right there is a Ticket Views Metrics button that will take you to the Dashboard.

Yet another way to access the Dashboard is you can find a route to it from the Reports page. Head to the Reports Tab and scroll to the Tickets section. You will find a Ticket Views Metrics option that will also take you to the dashboard.

Ticket View Health Dashboard

The Dashboard will open for the first time without any Ticket Views selected. To start showing Ticket Views, click on the drop down field and you will see a multi-select list of Public Ticket Views. Choose at least one Ticket View and click Show Views.

After selecting Ticket Views from the drop down, the Dashboard will cache and remember which Ticket Views you have selected. This means you can navigate away from the Dashboard and come back with the Views already displayed.


Automatically Refreshing Data

The Dashboard will automatically update the data selected every 3 minutes without the need to manually refresh the page. Set it and forget it. You could, of course, manually refresh the page should you desire to refresh the data as well.
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