Stock Take - Inventory Reconciliation

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Our Stock Take module can help you go through and verify your actual stock on hand matches the on-hand value shown in the Inventory tab. It will also allow you to update the on-hand value in the system to match your inventory count when discrepancies are found.

You can access the Stock Take module one of two ways.

  • Admin > Inventory - Stock Take.
  • Inventory tab > Inventory Modules > Stock Takes.

Before you head there, if you haven't used it before, see the next section.

Stock Take Lists

First, you probably want to set up a "Stock Take List" of items to be checked. This can be a random sampling of your inventory, the whole inventory, or a subset based on category or high-frequency sales.

To do that, click Inventory tab > Inventory Modules > Stock Take Lists > New Stock Take List.

Fill in the list details.

  1. Name - Required
  2. Assignees - Optionally assign to a tech
  3. Frequency - How often you want it to generate
  4. Run Next At - When to start its schedule

Next, in the ADD PRODUCTS section on the right, tell it what products you want to be checking when you run this List. They will appear in the PRODUCTS list at the bottom. You can do this several different ways.

  1. Start typing a product or service name, click the desired one in the list, then click Add Product. Note that only products that have Maintain Stock enabled will show up when you type.
  2. Select a whole category of products in the dropdown, then click Add from Category.
  3. Enter the number of random products you want in the Size field, then click Add Random Set.
  4. Click Add All to include all products and services in your stock take. You can then delete selected products in the list below if desired.

Products you add will appear in the PRODUCTS section at the bottom. You can do the following.

  1. Select one, many, or all products...
  2. ...then click REMOVE SELECTED to delete them from the list.
  3. To the right of a single product, click Remove to delete just that item.

Now that you've told it what products you want to check, you can go do a stock take. In the upper right, click New Stock Take to begin checking stock. You can also do this on the Stock Take List overview.

Stock Take

After starting a new stock take, you will be taken to the stock take main screen with a few ways to quickly enter your stock.

Barcode scanning

The fastest way is barcode scanning. You can get a barcode scanner (USB or Bluetooth/mobile) and just scan every product you want to count. The site will make success/fail sounds so you can concentrate on what you are scanning. You will see a running list of Recent Scans. You can also manually key in a UPC code in the Barcode Scan field and press Enter.

Barcode scans

If you scan some items that are not found (that is, the UPC code does not match any item in your inventory), they'll show up in the top list of Recent Scans, but not in the Recent Entries or Total Entries.

Manually keyed entries

If you do not have a barcode scanner or want to fallback to keyed entry, follow these steps.

Manually key in stock take

  1. On the right side, start typing a product name.
  2. Click the desired product name.
  3. Type a quantity and press Enter (which is the same as clicking Save).
  4. Alternatively, on an iPad/tablet, you can also use the onscreen keypad (1-9, since it auto-submits - no 0). If the quantity is greater than 10, you will need to type it in the qty field.
  5. When ready to move to the next item, click change.
    • Note that your progress is saved as you go, so you can always navigate to a different page and then return to this stock take to continue entering data.
  6. Once you have completed your inventory count and want to finalize the results, in the upper right click the Finalize button.

Resolve Stock Take

Once you finalize the stock take, this will take you to the Resolve Stock Take screen. Here you will see several pieces of information (this requires a separate permission).
Resolve Stock Take

  • Expected Quantity: The current on-hand quantity for each item in the Inventory tab.
  • Counted Quantity: The value entered during your inventory count.
  • Update to Counted: A series of checkboxes for each item in the stock take. Any items where you this box checked will update the on-hand value in the system to the value seen in the Actual Quantity of the stock take once the stock take is submitted.
  • Reconciliation Reason: Select why you think the count was off—Borrowed, Broken, or Lost.
  • Notes: Any notes about each item.

Important: if you don't check the Update to Counted box, the product quantity will not be updated.

After reviewing the information and selecting the items to update, click Submit to finalize the stock take, then click OK to confirm. This will set that particular stock take to a "read-only" state so that it can be reviewed, but not revised.

Here is an example of the report you get from a finalized Stock Take.


When you click New Stock Take you may get the error "Location cannot be blank. Please select your location." To fix this, you must set the location you are in from the user menu.

  1. Click your username in the upper right > Change Location.
  2. Click the desired location where you want to take stock.
  3. Go to Admin > Inventory - Stock Take.
  4. You can now successfully click New Stock Take.