Splashtop SOS

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our partnership with Splashtop’s team to bring Splashtop SOS to Syncro!

Splashtop SOS unlocks the ability for you and your team to provide your customers attended remote support the second you’re needed, with or without the Syncro agent already installed. Whether you’re onboarding a new account or troubleshooting an issue with your customer’s mobile device, skip the trip onsite and level up your MSP toolbox with Splashtop SOS to help your team get the job done.
Priced at just $18 per user per month, you can choose which users have access to initiate SOS sessions from anywhere within Syncro.

Please watch the recording below for a quick overview of the Splashtop SOS integration:

Enabling Splashtop for your technicians
Initiating SOS sessions
Viewing Splashtop SOS billable usage

Enabling Splashtop for your technicians

Head to the App Center to access the new Splashtop SOS App Card:

On the App Settings page, Admins can select which of their technicians will have SOS access:

Syncro will ask you to confirm that you’ll begin incurring usage costs by enabling Splashtop SOS access:

Initiating SOS sessions

With SOS enabled, you’ll now be able to initiate SOS sessions by selecting the ‘Create New’ / plus_32 button pinned at the top of the Syncro app. This way, you can initiate SOS sessions wherever you are in the app:

Next, provide the Splashtop SOS URL shown in the pop-up to your customer.

NOTE: There are a variety of ways to offer the Splashtop SOS link to your customers. It could be provided over the phone, ticket or email, canned response in tickets, or even as a saved URL in the Syncro agent system tray menu.

When the customer accesses the URL, the SOS streamer will automatically download. Upon launching the Streamer, they’ll be provided with the one-time 9-digit access code.



Enter the 9-digit code in Syncro to initiate the Splashtop SOS remote session.

Upon entering a valid code, a remote session will begin. You’ll be prompted to download the Splashtop Viewer if you haven’t already done so.


Viewing Splashtop SOS billable usage

We’ve expanded on the existing Splashtop End User Charges report and renamed it to Splashtop Billable Usage Summary. This report can be found in the RMM report section. You can use it to track existing Splashtop Remote Access charges as well as SOS add-on usage charges.

Now, if Splashtop SOS is enabled, we’ll track the Current and Next Billing period usage for SOS in the report:


Does SOS require technician security permissions to access?

No. Unlike Syncro Remote, BYO Splashtop, TeamViewer, and ScreenConnect, the permission Assets - Allow Remote Access has no effect on whether a technician can initiate an SOS session. As an admin enabling SOS for a technician, this setting serves as the permission to initiate SOS remote sessions.

Will the link for customers to run the SOS streamer be available in canned messages and agent system tray menu settings when enabled?

No, not by default. But you can certainly add these if you’d like to.

Will Syncro prorate SOS technician usage if disabled over the course of the month?

No, charges are incurred for the total number of users with SOS enabled over the course of the current monthly billing period.